How Much Does ManyRequests Cost (And is it Worth it)?

Manyrequests is an All-in-One Agency Management Software. It helps you manage client requests, bill clients, send invoices, and overall have a more streamlined way of selling and delivering your services.

How Much Does ManyRequests Cost (And is it Worth it)?

ManyRequests is an All-in-One Agency Management Software. It helps you manage client requests, bill clients, send invoices, and overall have a more streamlined way of selling and delivering your services.

Most of us know the process. Clients email a request for a proposal, you email it back with a quote and details, they put together an initial payment and move forward.

Then the process starts all over again until it's ready to be delivered. Having one software where all your client interactions are in one place will help keep things organized, efficient, and most importantly simplify the process.

Manyrequests is perfect for agencies who are looking for increased productivity, streamlined processes, client management, client portals, progress tracking, and analytics to better understand their business. It is best for Agencies that want to scale or productize services.

How Much Does ManyRequests Cost?

ManyRequests is one of the most affordable platforms for running a project management tool, as there's just one fee that's required which covers all users and includes unlimited tasks, clients, and projects.

1. Starter Plan


  • 2 user accounts
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Unlimited storage
  • No transaction fees
  • Free Trial

2. Plus Plan


  • 10 user accounts
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Unlimited storage
  • No transaction fees
  • Custom portal domain
  • Live chat integration
  • Free Trial

3. Ultimate Plan


  • Unlimited user and client accounts
  • Unlimited storage
  • No transaction fees
  • Custom portal domain
  • Live chat integration
  • Remove ManyRequests backlink

Overview of ManyRequests Features

1. Client portal

Client Portal is the main feature of ManyRequests and is available on all plans. With a customizable, responsive client portal you can easily communicate with your clients and keep them updated about the progress of their projects.

The client portal comprises a project dashboard, where you can view live data about your projects and tasks in a customizable panel that is divided into widgets.

Additionally, it allows the client to send messages directly to the administrator of ManyRequests via a secure inbox.

2. Dashboard

On all plans, you have access to an overview dashboard from which you can get a nice summary of what's going on around your agency. From this overview, you can quickly view all of your clients, projects, tasks, and invoices.

It is updated in real-time so you always know exactly where you stand with your workflow. The dashboard can help you with your billing, organization, and management by providing you with actionable insights into how well your business is doing.

3. Project Management

One of the most powerful features of ManyRequests is its project management software. There are various ways to organize projects within this dashboard, including sorting them by customer name, due date, task name, or even active vs. closed.

Clients have access to their portal where they can see the status of their projects, including what's been completed and what's outstanding. This is perfect for streamlining communication between you, your team members, freelancers, or even your suppliers.

4. Files Sharing

ManyRequests comes with a simple file manager tool that allows you to upload and share files with your clients, whether you're sending them proposals, revisions, or simply images of the work that's been done.

Sharing files is an important aspect for us, as it keeps everyone up to date with the latest files and revisions. Everyone has access to the portal so that they'll always have all of your most recent documents in one place.

ManyRequests also supports cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. This way you can easily share your existing folders and save time by automatically uploading files from your folder to ManyRequests.

ManyRequests integrates with 80+ products and integrations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, WordPress, Zapier, and many more.

5. Billing and Invoicing

With ManyRequests you can either charge per project/task, or on an hourly basis. You can set up recurring invoices for clients to make billing more flexible and efficient.

ManyRequests have an in-depth reporting system so you can get a breakdown of your monthly revenue, expenses, and project costs. This is a great tool to help you with the management of your agency.

Invoices can be customized from within ManyRequests by adding company logos and other relevant information that will give them that professional look.

There are also various payment gateways to choose from for receiving payments, including Stripe and PayPal. Billing is one of the key features that ManyRequest offers to its customers.

ManyRequests has an excellent customer service team available around the clock via email or phone who will help you with any questions you may have about billing, invoices, integration, or anything else.

6. Checkout forms

Another important feature that ManyRequests offers is its checkout process, which allows you to start taking payments directly in your dashboard or portal.

The checkout forms can be embedded on your website and you can customize everything from the colors and fonts to the payment methods and security features.

You can use this for any kind of service (not just the web development industry), and automate the payment collection process using Stripe or PayPal.

7. Client Onboarding

Getting new customers through the door can be one of the hardest things about running a business, but ManyRequests has made this process much easier with its onboarding tool.

This allows you to send an email to your clients, tour them around your dashboard and portal, introduce them to the billing system, and much more. This is a great way to get your business off the ground and start getting new clients in no time.

ManyRequests integrates with several platforms, including Zapier and Google Drive, which means it's easy for you to add new features on your own, without involving any additional contractors or third parties.

For example, if you're running a business that needs to run surveys, you can integrate with SurveyMonkey and start collecting data straight away.

8. Task Management

One of the unique things about ManyRequests is that it allows you to delegate tasks, including hiring freelancers or suppliers. You can then track their work and communicate with them via messages in your dashboard.

You can also assign tasks to specific team members, give deadlines for completion, and set priorities so everyone knows what needs to be done first.

The projects section of ManyRequests is one of the most effective ways to manage your team's workflow. You can see at a glance who is working on what, and how much progress has been made on each task.

ManyRequests offers an explore function that lets you search for specific tasks or messages among thousands of past communications. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for without trawling through all of your past conversations.

9. Centralized Space

ManyRequests offers a dedicated portal so that clients can access everything they need from one place, including invoices and project reports.

This is excellent if your client needs more than one service (e.g web development) and needs to be able to view all the information from one place.

It allows them to pay invoices and manage their billing, which is a great way for your business to keep track of how much you're owed.

Adding information on company logos, contact details and other relevant information will ensure that the portal looks professional, rather than just being a blank website with a dashboard in it.

10. Dedicated Support Team

ManyRequests offers customer support 24/7, either by email or phone. This means that if you ever get stuck and need help with your billing, invoices, integration, or anything else for your business, there's always somebody on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Not only do they know the platform inside out, but they can also help with any integration issues you may have with your website or database. This is ideal if you want to make sure everything fits together seamlessly and offers guaranteed consistency for your clients.

11. Other Features

ManyRequests makes it easy for you to understand how much time has been spent on each project, the hourly rate that your company charges, and what sort of profit you can expect to make.

There's also a complete history of your previous projects so you can see which ones took the longest, and what sort of benefits they brought in.

This is an excellent way for small businesses to keep track of their finances without having to spend long hours trying to work out how much should be coming in every month.

The one-time fee for Many Requests makes this platform very affordable when compared to other services. Many Requests also offers a 30-day free trial so you can experience the service for yourself before deciding to continue with it or not.

You can try out ManyRequests risk-free today by signing up for their free 30-day trial! Just click here.

Overview of ManyRequests Benefits

ManyRequests is an excellent choice for companies who want to streamline their workflow and cash in on the many benefits that come with automated services.

With its extensive customization options, it caters to businesses of all sizes and sectors, including web design agencies.

1. Clients sign up and pay

Embed checkout forms on your website and allow clients to purchase services.

  1. Clients receive access to your branded portal - Add a logo and payment options for services and subscription plans.
  2. Integrate with live chat apps - Chat to clients in real-time, strengthen relationships and increase conversion.

2. Clients submit requests

Create forms for clients to fill out so they give you all the information you need.

  1. Assign requests to your team
  2. Track progress and due dates
  3. Get notifications
  4. Receive client feedback

3. Automatic renewals

Subscription renewals are handled automatically using Stripe. Clients can purchase additional services or upgrade to a different subscription plan at any time.

You no longer have to worry about forgetting to send invoices or chasing clients for payments, ManyRequests does it all for you.

The automatic upgrade option allows you to create custom pricing options that automatically increase based on the client's current plan and the number of users.

You can also set a limit so that they don't go over a certain price point – this is an excellent way to increase your profits and help you focus on what makes you money.

4. Manage your team

Project management features are included in your dashboard to help you work better with your team.

  • Work collaboratively on tasks - Share ideas, comments and files with colleagues.
  • Project billing - Manage time spent on projects, estimate costs, and invoice clients easily.
  • Daily digest emails - Make sure daily updates from your team are shared in one place.

5. Reporting, billing, and invoices

ManyRequests offers an in-depth reporting system so you can get a breakdown of your monthly revenue, expenses, and project costs.

Bill clients with the click of a button invoice quickly using default templates or create custom ones with ease.

6. Outstanding support

ManyRequests offers free support from a team of friendly, knowledgeable staff who will help you fix any problems you have with the platform. They can be reached via live chat or email at any time.

Thanks to ManyRequests, I can streamline my business and work with clients without worrying about the administrative side of things.

Their outstanding support has been a great help, and they have created several training videos that make it easy for you to pick up even the most complicated functions.

7. Customize invoices

Add your company logo, add tax details and add a due date to invoices. Customizing the invoices is simple.

Manage client billing, subscriptions, and payment plan all in one place. The knowledge base is full of great guides on how to use ManyRequests. They are easy to understand and follow along with.

Differentiating factor with ClientVenue and ManyRequests


ClientVenue is a client management portal that allows you to manage all your clients from a centralized location. With ClientVenue, you can easily take care of tasks such as managing subscription plans and dealing with billing needs.

ClientVenue is more than just an online client portal. It helps you generate leads, track revenue, and easily manage your expenses. ClientVenue is also made for teams so you can share leads with your colleagues and help each other out instead of spending time on workflows.

Key Points:

1. Easy Client Onboarding

Move away from high-touch onboarding to a self-serve & automated checkout onboarding model, so you can focus on scaling your agency work instead of doing the heavy lifting on your own.

Use templates, and standard processes which can be duplicated for all your workflows so you can focus on work that matters the most for your agency.

2. Manage Tasks & Client Requests

Have visibility over all your projects in real-time. Manage your client requests in real-time, and showcase progress in a project manager style.

Bring all the teams together to collaborate on projects easily. Get a 360-degree view of your entire project and prevent project delays from happening.

3. Storage

Store all your client-related files & assets in ONE place. So that you don't have to link your drives and shareable links every time.

You can just pull your resources from your dedicated drive and attach them in one place.

4. Invoicing & Billing

Get all your payment-related worries handled within the Client-workspace. Having a truly integrated experience will allow you to create a self-serve checkout model where you can focus on the important bits of your business instead of chasing for payments, and getting your invoices cleared.

Be it recurring billing or one-time billing, we have all of that handled with native integrations using all top payment platforms and providers.

5. Teammates

Get all the stakeholders involved on the clients' side as well as your agency side as well. You can assign the permission levels to all the teammates on your side as well as the agency side.

You can have multiple teams to handle different projects with ease. If you ever need some sort of custom role, feel free to contact our support for more information on that.

6. Branded Experience

Make the portal look as if it's your product, and on your website. Make it look as if it's a native experience to your website, by changing the branding, coloring, and design to suit your brands' styling.

Branding is the key to creating a great experience and will make you stand apart from the rest of your competitors.

7. Services

You can package up all your services and show them up to your customers, this way you move from chasing payments and sending them manual pricing invoices and get everything done in an automated fashion.

Connect with all popular payment platforms, and automate your invoicing and bill collection. With the Service Marketplace, you can focus on the important things in life.

8. Reporting

Get all your metrics in one place, whether it's about revenue, billable hours, or recurring billing information, you will have everything in one place!

All your data is stored locally in Client-workspace and not on our servers. You can export the data if needed without sharing with us any of your sensitive client data.

9. Collaboration

You can add colleagues to different projects and they can be assigned various roles such as client, project manager, etc., with ease!

Collaborate with your teammates more easily and get tasks done more effectively with workflows. You can send files quickly and upload them instantly in the workspace.

10. Delegation

Delegate tasks to your agency or your team in an automated way without having to send any invoices!

You can create workflows for specific tasks like sending price quotes, collecting payments, etc., with ease and delegate the task to the respective teammate/agency which you want to handle.


ManyRequests is an excellent platform for freelancers and agencies alike as it's packed full of features to help you manage your projects more efficiently.

For solo freelancers or small businesses looking for a dedicated client portal, or a team looking for an innovative way of managing your clients and projects, ManyRequests is one of the most powerful platforms available today.

While it's true that there are some features that you will miss from ClientVenue such as shared calendars and task management, there are a lot more alternative options for ManyRequests.

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