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Best 15 Insurance Portal Software to Use

A portal can be the place policy holders go to research and buy insurance, submit claims and pay bills, and update coverage as their financial needs change. It can also be the place where agents go to obtain quotes, transmit claims data, and renew policies.

Best 15 Insurance Portal Software to Use

An Insurance portal is a web application that provides an insurance policy lookup facility to users, along with other services. Users can obtain their policies online by logging into the portal itself.

The primary aim of an insurance portal is to provide information about various products offered by different companies under a single platform.

Insurance Portals are also used as sales support tools where customer service personnel can access specific client information, policies, and renewals.

The portals are highly effective in reducing operational costs by automating manual insurance processes.

The Insurance Portals are available as both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software licenses as well as through bespoke developments tailored to meet individual needs.

What is the point of an insurance portal?

A portal can be the place policyholders go to research and buy insurance, submit claims and pay bills, and update coverage as their financial needs change. It can also be the place where agents go to obtain quotes, transmit claims data, and renew policies.

Insurance portals offer property and casualty insurers a way to strengthen agent ties and deepen policyholder relationships.

But many insurers treat their portal implementation as a one-size-fits-all solution, producing results that are far from extraordinary.

Insurance portals can be designed to access a multitude of different insurance products directly from providers while delivering enhanced security and accuracy standards that improve the purchasing process.

Even though Insurance Portals are primarily used by insurers, they also enable consumers to find relevant information about various types of insurance plans on a single platform, which is why portal development has become important.

A portal can provide consumers with up-to-date information on the various types of policy plans available in the market, while at the same time making it easier for agents to find insurance products that are relevant to their clients' needs.

What can I do with Insurance Portals?

Insurance portals offer a plethora of different functions, depending on the insurer's business model and product offering.

Customers can log into their Insurance Portal to obtain their insurance policies, renew them online and also track payments made by them.

Most portals allow customers to manage all their insurance needs in one place. Portal users can access various types of their insurance policies, check the status of an existing claim, access their account balance, and review payment history.

Insurance Portals can also be used for agent portal enrollment by insurance agents who need to sign up before they can do business with a client's portal.

Insurance portals may provide additional features like automated alerts, email notifications, agent-customizable branding, personalized offers for customers by agent, etc.

Agents can update policyholders' information or change subscribers' PINs using the portal.

Customer service representatives can also access the Insurance Portal to quickly lookup policies and contact customers when necessary. Carriers can process claims electronically through portals, thereby reducing turnaround time.

Advantages of Insurance portal Software

The key benefit of an Insurance Portal Software is that it simplifies the purchase process for customers while providing them with more transparency on the policy details.

The portals are highly flexible, allowing insurers to define different roles and access rights for each stakeholder in the insurance value chain.

The Insurance Agent Portal Software is designed in such a way that it is capable of handling huge data volume without causing any latency issues. This makes them extremely effective tools for improving customer experience.

Insurance portal software is a one-stop-shop for agents and business owners who want to simplify the insurance process while improving their policyholder's user experience.

Insurance portals are also integrated with data analysis tools, allowing insurers to derive key insights from stored data sets.

  • Shields Clients from Complexity and Business Change of Core Transformation:
  • Align portal and core system needs along the way, lowering the likelihood of rework.
  • Potential Synergies Between Portal & Core Systems Lower Overall Cost:
  • Allows carriers to share full benefits from core transformation through their portal.
  • Allows Carriers to Share Benefits with the Agents.

The 15 Outstanding platforms that provide the best Insurance Portal Software are

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a client management solution that provides a platform for businesses to organize and track interactions with potential or existing clients and partners.

The software allows users to log and manage client interactions, capture and store lead data, generate sales reports.

Bitrix24 is equipped to manage insurance sales and health insurance so that customers can enroll themselves online.

Leads received from a user’s website (for example, from an order or feedback form) can be fed directly to the CRM.

It also supports the creation of personalized client portals. Users can then create message templates, send individual or group emails to leads and contacts, capture notes on client interactions, schedule meetings, and more.

Key benefits

  • CRM system for businesses to manage interactions with customers
  • Schedule and automate tasks, meetings, and events
  • Collaborate on projects by sharing files, calendars, and notes in one central location.
  • It can handle a high volume of data in offline mode.
  • SaaS solution that allows businesses to manage customer relationships in one place.
  • The built-in task, events, and projects management tools.
  • CRM system for business owners to keep track of interactions with customers.
  • Sales reports generation tool helps sales managers understand the sales pipeline.

2. Macaw

Macaw is an insurance agency management system (AMS) supporting end-to-end processes for MGAs, program managers, brokers, and independent agents.

Macaw offers a built-in document and task management system; self-service portals for customers and producers; billing and payments; policy management; reporting & analytics.

It is software that helps insurance Agency owners to manage their customers. A built-in task and event management tool, which saves time on organizing recurring actions.

It is a carrier-centric system supporting new product development and sales, as well as policy administration and business intelligence.

Macaw also provides ready adaptors for eSignatures, payment gateways, automated email marketing tools, and telephony providers.

Key benefits

  • Automated document management and workflows
  • Business intelligence dashboards for key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Analytics, data visualization tools, and ROI reporting.
  • The online portal offers a wide array of features to manage insurance agency
  • Document management system for quick access and storage of documents.
  • Inbuilt integrations with leading billing, agent portals, and marketing automation solutions.

3. NowCerts

NowCerts is a cloud-based, intuitive agency management system (AMS) designed with both the insurance agencies and independent insurance brokers in mind.

This agency management software features tools for commissions tracking, self-serving certificates, ACORD forms, email synchronization, loss runs, carrier downloads, raters integration, and more.

It is a cloud platform that helps agents and brokers to manage their daily tasks. It is a platform that helps insurance agents to get their certificates online. It provides all the information required to get the certificate in one place.

The software is carrier-centric with support of new product development and sales, as well as policy administration and business intelligence.

NowCerts helps insurance brokers manage their agency customer acquisition, management, and retention.

Key benefits

  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Encryption and authentication to avert authorized interference
  • Customizable, multi-language interface.
  • A built-in task manager tool, which helps users to keep track of tasks assigned by managers.
  • Easily accessible library for ACORD forms.
  • Integrates with carriers allowing customers to search for new quotes.

4. FileTrac

FileTrac is a web-based claims management system designed for use by independent adjusters, managing general agents (MGAs), third-party administrators (TPAs), and insurance companies of all sizes, from small businesses up to large companies with multiple branches.

FileTrac is designed to manage all aspects of claims from assignment through to archiving, covering data entry, uploads of reports, images, and videos, communication both internally and with clients, time and expense logging for adjusters, invoicing, and adjuster payouts.

This is all-inclusive software that helps insurance adjusters to manage their claims. It is a platform that provides all the necessary tools for efficient claim management.

It comes with various features, one of the most important being real-time case updates. An intuitive activity feed keeps adjusters up to date about every development in their cases.

It has a built-in task manager that keeps track of tasks assigned by managers. It also provides access to a large variety of templates, which helps insurance agencies to get new quotes faster.

FileTrac enables users to automate the entire claims process from assignment through resolution.

Key benefits

  • Advanced image uploader
  • Alerts and reminders for clients, claims staff, adjusters, and supervisors
  • Claim status dashboards with drill-down capabilities to report data.
  • Advanced activity and audit trail reports for auditing and compliance.
  • Easy-to-use, built-in workflow engine.
  • Claim management software that allows assigning tasks to relevant personnel.
  • Built-in task manager tool designed to manage tasks assigned by insurance adjusters or supervisors.

5. EZLynx

EZLynx is a cloud-based solution that helps insurance agencies streamline processes related to online quoting, lead management, customer retention, email marketing, and more.

With the rating engine, users can store Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) forms, generate pre-filled cost valuations, and submit quotes on a centralized platform.

All the transactions are stored in the system, so it is easy to review them later. The platform helps insurance agencies manage customer retention by creating newsletters and email campaigns.

The automatic data sync feature ensures all contact information is current by transferring details from clients to prospects. These features help agents nurture prospect relationships throughout their life cycle.

Key benefits

  • Enables agencies to track and manage leads
  • Provides a single online space for managing client relationships
  • Automates communication with clients, partners.
  • Allows creating and sending newsletters.
  • Stores ACORD forms for easy retrieval, with the possibility to add new forms simply.
  • Syncs with client contact information automatically.
  • Provides access to pre-filled cost valuations when insurance companies upload their rates into the system.

6. Velocity

Velocity is a comprehensive insurance solution designed to help insurance agencies configure and control workflows for their daily operations.

The solution provides an all-in-one insurance software for the property & casualty market that has been designed to meet the business needs of MGAs (Managing General Agents), MGUs (Managing General Underwriters), program administrators, wholesalers, small carriers, reinsurers, and specialty retailers.

Key benefits

  • Built-in rating engine
  • Self-service portals for producers, customers, and agents.
  • Parameter-driven solution.
  • Reinsurance compliance features.
  • Claim to adjust workflow management.
  • Production tracking and data import.
  • Policy administration including policy renewals and endorsements.
  • Customer service & billing as well as daily policy fulfillment activities such as new business, documentation of policies, and payment review, submission, and storage.

7. Indio

Indio is a cloud-based property and casualty insurance agency (P&C) solution, which helps manage and streamline insurance application and renewal processes.

The platform comes with a form engine, which lets firms display conditional questions to gain client responses on specific fields.

Key features of Indio include notes creation, automated data population, digital signature, file import, and data security.

Clients can leave notes for agents on unsure questions or share forms with different departments to collaborate on relevant fields by adding multiple contacts on the platform.

A built-in file reader can be configured to support common file formats, while digital signatures let users validate the authenticity of files.

Key benefits

  • Accessible from any device with an internet connection
  • Automatic data population for forms and documents.
  • File sharing capabilities among multiple users within the account or on a shared platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.
  • Hardened security with data encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • Enables client collaboration.
  • Supports conditional question logically.
  • Integrates with CRMs, billing platforms, and reporting engines.

8. HealthSherpa

HealthSherpa is a cloud-based platform designed to help healthcare organizations of all sizes streamline quoting, enrolling, and client management operations for ACA (Affordable Care Act) under the healthcare law. It is the best insurance software.

The platform enables agents to submit applications, follow up on clients, and track approval status.

HealthSherpa is accessed and utilized on any mobile device that has a browser, including phones and tablets.

Key benefits

  • Generates quotes, estimate subsidies, view and compare healthcare plans.
  • Organizes leads and clients monitor the status of documents.
  • Design personalized websites with custom logos.
  • All-in-one solution for agents and brokers to enroll ACA clients.
  • Reminders to encourage compliance with the law.
  • Integrated messaging capabilities so users can communicate directly via the platform as needed.
  • Support for sharing documents via email.
  • Create custom fields to track other information (e.g., pay stubs, documentation, etc.) related to the ACA application process.
  • Stats and reports for tracking demographic data.

9. A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker is a cloud-based enterprise risk management platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and mitigate risks across processes related to contracts, migrations, insurance, assets, and claims.

The platform comes with a claim management module, which enables users to track, report, and manage trends, reducing risks on claims for insurance premiums, worker compensation, product liabilities, and accounts receivable.

A1 Tracker also comes with a professional services tracker, which is designed to be used on fixed assets and allows users to track the location of assets and their accompanying insurance policies and workers' compensation claims.

Key benefits

  • Asset management solution
  • Alerts and reminders for clients, claims staff, adjusters, and supervisors
  • Threat Assessments and monitors operations.
  • Lead management and reporting.
  • Create custom fields to track other information (e.g., documentation, etc.) related to the ACA application process.
  • Integrates with CRMs and ERP systems.
  • View various reports on risk management for insurance policies, contracts, and assets.

10. InsureCert

InsureCert is a cloud-based insurance policy system that offers insurers, brokers, and managing general agents a single and centralized platform from which to create online stores and to manage quotes, collect payments, and issue Property and Casualty (P&C) policies.

Incorporating custom landing pages, level one Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, and a RESTful API, InsureCert aims to deliver a comprehensive insurance policy solution.

The platform integrates with an external carrier network to provide instant access to more than 200 carriers.

Designed to provide a complete e-commerce solution, InsureCert enables users to build white-labeled websites complete with custom landing pages as well as integrated and Development (ACORD) forms, generate pre-filled cost valuations and submit quotes on a centralized platform.

Key benefits

  • Commercially supported modules
  • White label branding solution
  • Multi-rater and pricing engine
  • Enable users to create and send quotes easily to customers.
  • Live chat support for clients and agents.
  • On-demand solutions for brokers, agents, and underwriters.
  • Sell insurance policies online through custom landing pages.
  • Allocate premiums, payouts, and commissions.
  • Monitor fraud indicators through alerts and reports.
  • Generate and share certificates and related documentation.
  • Track and record the status of policies and their associated claims.

11. CaptalMS

CaptalMS is an easy-to-use insurance management software that helps small insurance agencies streamline workflows. It helps agencies organize and manage all leads and clients in one centralized location.

With CaptaIMS, agencies can choose which lines of business to track, including personal, commercial, life & health, or specialty.

The platform provides a solution for tracking and reporting on all aspects of the agency: agents, staff members, and even clients.

It is equipped with features for managing commissions, business expenses, creating custom reports, and scheduling marketing campaigns.

The software also offers tools to manage client data including contact information, agency expiration date, and notes. The platform is backed by live support via phone, email, or chat seven days a week.

Key benefits

  • Lead Management
  • Policy Management
  • Document Management
  • Real-time access to client information
  • Create custom fields to track other information (e.g., pay stubs, documentation, etc.) related to the ACA application process.
  • Track insurance policies and their associated claims.
  • Manage and pay commissions to agents and staff members in real-time.
  • Aids in the management of agency contacts (e.g., clients and prospects).
  • Helps to increase productivity by streamlining workflows across all users within an agency.

12. Sage

AI-powered knowledge management system, Sage helps carriers and brokers power their businesses with instant access to the information they need

Trained on millions of industry-specific conversations, our cloud-based system speaks the language of insurance to instantly uncover information deep within documents.

Gather insights from previous interactions which can be used to assist with new conversations.

Delivers accurate, real-time information about what a policy covers and the associated costs, regardless of how it's encoded in a policy document.

Carriers can personalize their products and services in real-time based on each prospect's specific needs.

Sage makes it easy for carriers to identify the ideal distribution channels, marketing campaigns, and product features through an automated, scalable discovery process.

Key features

  • Client-facing Portal
  • Accessible from any device with an internet connection
  • Automatic data population for forms and documents.

13. BriteCore

BriteCore is a modular insurance software that offers tools for managing insurance policies, handling claims, and centralizing client databases. Deployed on Amazon Web Service (AWS), BriteCore is a cloud-based application that can be accessed on any device using a standard web browser.

The solution serves various businesses in the insurance industry including enterprise-level insurance carriers, P&Cs, MGAs, and startups.

The Brite Policies product provides interactive tools for managing the entire policy lifecycle including policy submission, endorsements, and final claim settlements.

Key benefits

  • Advanced billing and accounts receive module
  • Internal policy rates configured for different user ranges
  • Customize permission for different user group

14. VUE

VUE is a cloud-based sales commission and distribution management application designed primarily for the insurance sector.

The solution comprises three integrated modules: VUE Onboarding & Compliance, VUE Distribution Compensation, and VUE CRM for Insurance.

The integrated solution offers features such as electronic onboarding, compensation planning, compliance management, and a self-service portal.

With VUE Onboarding & Compliance, insurers can automate the onboarding process of new producers. The module offers features such as one-click synchronization with NIPR and PDB and background checks.

It also provides tools for managing producer information, commission calculations, and compliance. The VUE CRM for Insurance module helps carriers manage their client relationships and track lead generation.

The solution offers features such as a complete CRM system, multi-channel marketing automation including email campaigns and SMS messages, business intelligence dashboards for better decision making, social media integration with Facebook Messenger Bot, etc.

Key benefits

  • Designs flexible user-defined bonus
  • Manages multiple types of products
  • Rule-based document verification

15. Summit Dpath

Summit Dpath is a cloud-based benefits administration platform that is designed to help TPAs (third-party administrators) manage and carry out employer-sponsored benefits within the United States.

Summit is built from the ground up to seamlessly administer CDH and COBRA accounts. The full-service solution enables administrators to design a variety of account-based plans, simple and complex, including medical wellness dental vision, and more.

Summit helps manage differentiated deductibles, variable employee/employer responsibility, co-insurance rates, and rollover. Summit provides users with customer live chat support for clients and agents

Key benefits

  • Excellent administration and record-keeping process
  • Maintains full access control
  • Designates what data can be shared with people


Insurance companies need to choose the right portal software so that they can save time and resources.

By choosing an efficient solution, carriers will be able to effortlessly manage client relationships, track lead generation, conduct automated marketing campaigns, etc. with ease.

The above-mentioned solutions are some of the best in this space as they offer multiple features and benefits.

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