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Hello Bonsai Pricing: Is It Worth the Money

Hello Bonsai is an online CRM platform that helps solopreneurs like freelancers and other small business owners to streamline contracting and invoicing processes.

Hello Bonsai Pricing: Is It Worth the Money

Hello Bonsai is an online CRM platform that helps solopreneurs like freelancers and other small business owners to streamline contracting and invoicing processes.

The tool claims to help users receive payments quicker than those who use the manual way of processing invoices and payments.

It offers core features you’d find in a good CRM, such as proposal and contract management, pipeline management, freelancer-specific features like freelancer rate, time tracker, self-employment tax calculators, plus more that we’ll see later in this post.

It’s full-featured and fairly comprehensive so you can stay focused and on top of your tasks while the tool handles your administrative processes. There are some bonsai alternatives that you can look into.

The tool is also robust, affordable, and easy to use, and is designed with freelancers and solopreneurs in mind.

Hello Bonsai Pricing Plans:

1. Workflow


  • Unlimited Clients & Projects
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Client CRM
  • Project Management
  • Task & Time Tracking
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, & Mac Apps

2. Workflow Plus


  • Everything in Workflow (Plus)
  • White-labeled client experience
  • Client forms and questionnaires (New)
  • Workflow automation
  • Subcontracting (client-mode)
  • Calendly integration
  • Client portal
  • Priority support

Add-on pricing:

  • Accounting & Tax Assistant – $10/month
  • Partners – $9/month
  • Collaborators – Free

Hello Bonsai Benefits

1. Contracts and proposals

If you've ever had to write a contract yourself without any idea of what you're doing, then join the club. Freelancers aren't always up-to-par with legalese but they're doing themselves a disservice without having a contract in place before beginning any major project.

Enter Bonsai's contract and proposal templates, which can make the paperwork process a whole lot easier. Use the proposals to outline everything you're offering your clients, and then draw up a contract once you both agree to the scope and payment.

You don't need to know an ounce of legal wording because Bonsai's contracts are vetted by real lawyers. You can also adapt your proposals and contracts to make more sense based on your freelance work, like development or photography.

Once you've finished your contract, you can use Bonsai to send it to the client for e-signing and then store the final copy in your account or download it.

2. Project management

Keep information about all of your projects in one central location in your Bonsai dashboard. Add social media, website, and contact information, plus notes and project details, to each client. You can also start new projects in Bonsai and assign them to your current clients so that they'll show in your Client Panel.

Each project allows you to give it a name, set the currency in which you'll get paid, and set a flag to specify if you're charging an hourly rate or not.

If you're charging an hourly rate, you can use Bonsai's built-in time tracker to automatically track how much time you've spent working on each leg of the project. Just hit the Start Timer button, set your hourly rate, and let Bonsai know what project to track your time for.

If you have a Premium plan, you'll also be able to bring collaborators into your Bonsai project, which is helpful if there are multiple pieces of a project, like content creation, design work, etc.

3. Invoicing and payments

You can invoice clients and get paid directly through methods such as PayPal, Stripe, or a wire transfer to your bank account.

Bonsai invoices are simple. You can add your branding with any paid account, assign the invoice to a client and project, and then add line items and taxes, discounts, and expenses, if applicable.

Bonsai recently added the ability to offer recurring auto-payments to clients who'd rather pay for a subscription service from you than pay multiple invoices.

Unfortunately, you can only use this feature if you're currently accepting credit or debit card payments via Stripe.

4. Accounting

I often hear freelancers joke that their freelancing life would be so much easier if they didn't have to deal with accounting, and I'd have to agree.

Tracking income, expenses, tax payments, and everything else that comes along with the job can be daunting when you do it on your own.

Although Bonsai won't replace a professional accountant, it can help you keep your income and expenses to hand over for tax time.

Import expenses directly from your bank account or use the app to enter them manually, and then attach them to invoices to bill clients.

I do think this feature could be improved, however, if it could scan receipts using your mobile device and automatically enter them as an expense in your account.

5. Integrations

Bonsai can connect to payment processors, like Stripe, to integrate your payment accounts with your Bonsai dashboard for payments from your invoices.

Its other integration offerings are few, but it can connect to your Google Calendar to send you reminders for your tasks, appointments, payment due dates, etc. It also connects to Slack, which is great if you work on any teams for client projects.

The integration will send push notifications to relevant members of your Slack team when a project task is due or complete, a contract gets signed, or when someone views a proposal. You'll need a Premium Bonsai account to access this feature.

6. Reporting

If you're a bookkeeper, then you'll love Bonsai's reports feature. You can create new reports on the fly or use pre-set templates to view your financial information by date range, client, project, task, and more.

All of this information is presented in simple charts and graphs that make it easy to analyze your finances as you go along.

7. Templates

Bonsai has some pretty awesome premade templates available for purchase from its Template Market.

They vary from contract templates to expense report templates, which can save you a lot of time if the legal jargon doesn't intimidate you too much.

If you have a template that isn't yet available in Bonsai's market, just send the file to the app and it'll automatically format it for you.

8. Employee management

As a business owner, it's not uncommon to have employees do work for you on client projects or contracts.

Bonsai can help simplify tracking time and expenses from multiple people working on one project with its Multi-user mode. At this time, only Premium account holders can access this feature.

9. Price plans

Bonsai is free to use up to 10 individual tasks per month, so if you want to test out what the app has to offer before committing to a paid plan, then this will let you get started quickly without any monthly fees.

Each task gives you three idea boxes, which are essentially sections within one task where you can group ideas. Also, the team plan offers unlimited tasks for up to five members.

If you're a freelancer who already uses another app to manage your time, then using Bonsai really won't save you much time since most of its features overlap with what you can do in other apps.

It is an affordable option if you only have one or two clients and don't need all of the features offered by other task management applications.

Overall, I think Bonsai would be a great fit for a freelancer or small business owner who doesn't have a lot of projects going on at once, but it's probably not worth the monthly fee if you're looking for something more robust that also includes expense tracking and invoice templates.

Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Monthly payment
  • Annual Subscription

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers

Now that you know everything about HelloBonsai pricing, I offer you an alternative that not only performs better in various key departments but also has a very clean and minimalistic UI which is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Introducing ClientVenue!!

ClientVenue Key Points:

1. Easy Client Onboarding

Move away from high-touch onboarding to a self-serve & automated checkout onboarding model, so you can focus on scaling your agency work instead of doing the heavy lifting on your own.

Use templates, and standard processes which can be duplicated for all your workflows so you can focus on work that matters the most for your agency.

2. Manage Tasks & Client Requests

Have visibility over all your projects in real-time. Manage your client requests in real-time, and showcase progress in a project manager style. Bring all the teams together to collaborate on projects easily.

Get a 360-degree view of your entire project and prevent project delays from happening.

3. Storage

Store all your client-related files & assets in ONE place. So that you don't have to link your drives and shareable links every time. You can just pull your resources from your dedicated drive and attach them in one place.

It is now easier than ever to simplify your team's workflow with our brand new file storage feature.

4. Invoicing & Billing

Get all your payment-related worries handled within the Client-workspace. Having a truly integrated experience will allow you to create a self-serve checkout model where you can focus on the important bits of your business instead of chasing for payments, and getting your invoices cleared.

Be it recurring billing or one-time billing, we have all of that handled with native integrations using all top payment platforms and providers.

5. Teammates

Get all the stakeholders involved on the client's side as well as your agency side as well. You can assign the permission levels to all the teammates on your side as well as the agency side.

A team member can view a project's tasks, milestones, and more. A client can create requests and upload files to the workspace where a team member has visibility over the project and the client requests.

6. Branded Experience

Make the portal look as if it's your product, and on your website. Make it look as if it's a native experience to your website, by changing the branding, coloring, and design to suit your brands' styling.

The brand is something that should resonate with the brand you are providing a service for, and to do that we have an easy-to-use branding panel that allows you to change the look and feel of the entire workspace, to suit your brand's styling.

7. Services

You can package up all your services and show them up to your customers, this way you move from chasing payments and sending them manual pricing invoices and get everything done in an automated fashion.

Connect with all popular payment platforms, and automate your invoicing and bill collection. You can now focus on quality work and deliver a high-value proposition to your clients.

8. Collaboration

All of the major stakeholders in the project management and billing processes need to collaborate on a single platform, which we provide in an easy-to-use manner.

You can share tasks with your teammates and clients in just one click, and keep everyone in the loop without sending emails back and forth.

9. Task Management

Get all your tasks done within ClientVenue itself so that you don't have to move around different tools when you are in the middle of a working session with your client or teammate(s).

Client workspaces allow you to create task lists for each milestone in a project so that you can communicate progress during various stages of a project. You can also add files related to specific tasks by clicking on the 3 dots beside them. This allows you to add files quickly and get the work done.

10. Reporting

Report on all your projects in a single place, with no need to copy-paste from excel sheets for each project. The reports available in ClientVenue are intuitive, easy to use, and allow you to slice & dice them any way possible.

Keep a track of how much revenue you have brought in from all your projects, and what is the forecasted amount for your next month's income through the forecasting feature!

ClientVenue Features

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Task Management
  • Dedicated Client Portal
  • Client Communication
  • Easy Onboarding
  • File Management

Comparison of Bonsai.io vs ClientVenue

ClientVenue is a complete solution for all your client management and billing needs, whereas Bonsai as a product offers project management features exclusively.

  • Billing & Invoicing

Bonsai has a very simple invoicing system through which anyone who knows how to create basic HTML files can send out one-time invoices to clients upon project completion.

There is no option of recurring invoices in Bonsai.io, nor does it provide any way of creating professional-looking invoice reports for clients other stakeholders.

It also doesn't allow any customization of the fields on the invoice, which makes it even more difficult to use.

  • Task Management

ClientVenue offers task management through which you can assign, prioritize and customize around what needs to be done for each project milestone by either yourself or your teammates & clients.

You can add deadlines and due dates as well as attach files related to that specific task. This allows anyone involved in a project to stay up-to-date with the progress and give tasks accordingly, without any need for an extensive email communication process.

  • Cloud-first Approach

ClientVenue integrates seamlessly across all major clouds & devices (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage) and can be used via mobile apps or browser-based through any operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

This gives flexibility when working remotely without needing access to specific tools on specific platforms. Easily upload files from these different cloud providers into ClientVenue tasks in a single click, without needing to download/upload any files!

  • Project Management

ClientVenue offers project management through milestones with no timeline view of the tasks involved in each milestone as well as no due dates or deadlines attached to those tasks.

This makes it difficult to plan work accordingly and collaborate over projects from anywhere at any time with ease, as you can only assign tasks without due dates or deadlines on them.

There is also no easy way of attaching files related to a specific task and thus requires extensive email communications and copy-pasting for files.

  • Productivity

ClientVenue team productivity is boosted through its automated features such as automated invoicing, file sharing & storage, one-click mobile document viewing, uploading/downloading of files from different cloud providers (S3, Azure, GoogleCloud) in a single click.

This combined with its intuitive user interface helps create a smooth experience for teams working on projects, without any need for extensive email communications for files or invoicing-related activities.

  • Server Administration

ClientVenue is not built as an administration tool but is made specifically to serve end-users who are looking to manage their work through an intuitive web-based interface. Thus it requires extensive setup, installation, and maintenance to get everything running optimally for your team.

  • Reporting

ClientVenue has analytics and charting features that help track the performance of your team as well as those you manage through it.

The reporting feature gives detailed insights on the tasks assigned, progress made, and a lot more. This helps give a bird' eye view of what needs to be done to optimize project time/performance.

  • Forecasting

Get an insight into what you can expect as income next month by forecasting the revenue through analytics!

Financial reports help give a detailed report on the performance of your company, income generated and expenses made. This helps keep track of costs & revenue accrued through projects/services offered by you or your team.

  • Dashboard

ClientVenue has a dashboard view of what all is going on at your company. You can see who is assigned to each task, deadline, and due date as well as all the tasks needed to be completed for specific milestones.

This makes it extremely easy for you to give an update on project progress with teams that work remotely and simplify the communication process to almost nothing.

  • Onboarding

ClientVenue takes a more personalized approach with our onboarding process. We have a dedicated team specifically assigned to guide you through the most efficient way to use all of our features and get you up and running in no time!

Not only that, we offer live training sessions at your convenience over Google Hangouts or Skype calls with one of our product experts.

Be it a project management process, invoicing workflow, or the system itself - we make sure you get everything set up and running with full knowledge of how our software works.

  • Document Management

ClientVenue integrates directly to Google Drive (allowing easy access for teams who work remotely) so that all your files are easily accessible from anywhere on the web. Thus, allowing teams to work from multiple devices and help boost productivity.

  • Client Portal

ClientVenue includes a built-in account portal for clients to access their projects from the user side of the app.

It has modules that help keep track of expenses made towards project development, file uploading, and sharing both internally and externally. You also have an easy view to look at milestones reached by your team and get a quick report on all tasks assigned to them.

  • File-Sharing

ClientVenue offers a simple way to send files up to 200MB directly from your browser or smartphone, without the need for external uploads or downloads. You can do so by scanning a QR code generated for you, within the Client-work portal. This is especially useful if you have a team working on the project remotely and want to send files directly without any hassle.

  • Invoice Management

ClientVenue has a built-in invoicing module allowing you to modify, print, and download all your invoices with ease. You can also keep track of expenses made towards each task and manage all communication logs related to it within this module. This helps keep a check on costs & income, all in one place!

  • Security

ClientVenue offers security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) for all user accounts, password strength policy checks to ensure only strong passwords are used, secure data storage through enterprise-level security protocols. This helps make sure that all your data & files are safe from unauthorized access and theft.


With all its features, Bonsai offers a complete solution for your contracting needs. It helps you manage project management, client relations, and financial reports through the same platform!

This helps reduce overhead costs associated with market research, hiring new employees to handle different aspects of your business, and increases your productivity by at least 30%.

The customizable nature of the platform allows you to tailor it according to your specific needs so that you can get rid of all the additional costs and work more efficiently.

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