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What is a branding contract?

A contract is a written agreement between a freelancer and a client that outlines the terms and conditions of their working relationship. This document may be quite complicated, with a large number of pages. The amount of pages in this document is determined by the project. If the agreement is based on the following terms of employment, limitation, deadline, and scope of work among other things, it will not be void. The levels of tension and misunderstanding between the two parties will be reduced to its lowest possible level when this is completed.

The main goal of brand protection is to protect intellectual property. A contract is required in situations where two individuals are involved. Selling your work as a freelancer is similar to selling a tangible asset such as a home or automobile. You may use our branding contract template to create your branding contract, which we'll then customize for you. To ensure that this template works well with your branding services, make sure you check the following suggestions. Then, based on your preferences, you should be able to tailor it to your needs.

1. Information about the client in the branding contract template

It is critical to thoroughly describe your client in the branding agreement. The client name, e-mail address, phone number, and title of the business are all included. This thorough information would allow you to have a better understanding of your customer. Other details might be included as long as they are not mentioned above.

2. What should be included in a branding contract template?

The services that you will be providing the client must be specified. “All brands will be developed in such a way that they comply with the client descriptions and requirements,” for example. The project should be professionally planned out using all relevant tools. Then, the final branding contract's file format should be easy to access.

3. The price of project and terms of payment in the branding contract template

The price of the project is calculated by totaling up the package pricing for the entire project. A 10% sales tax is rarely factored into the quoted price. If payment is to be accepted via PayPal, there will usually be a computer-based service charge on the total cost, regardless of whether it's included or not in the branding contract.

4. Final payment terms in the branding contract template

The last payment terms should be mentioned in your freelance branding contract. For example, the line "before final delivery, the client will receive an invoice that is well-itemized" must be made clear. Aside from this, the percentage paid before the project began and the ultimate payment after it has ended should both be included in the final payment terms. It must also be stated that when all of the final files have been delivered, so will the delivery.

5. Revisions in the branding contract template

The cost of the project does not include unlimited revisions. If the link between the client and freelancer is excellent, up to a modest makeover rather than a full do-over may be permitted. It's understandable that poor communication might result in additional do-overs. As a result, to assure the overall success of your freelancing project, you must have strong communication abilities.

What are the essentials of a branding contract?

It is important to emphasize that until the client has made full payment, the freelancing service company keeps ownership of the files. The original branding contract files become the property of the customer if full payment is made. This implies that brand file ownership is contingent on full payment.


A good branding contract doesn’t need to involve ambiguous language having lots of legal terms. It should be written in a language that is concise, easy to read and easy to comprehend for both the freelancer and the client. Professionally drafted branding contract template could be used to draft your final copy.

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Free Branding Contract Template

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